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How would you like to grow 100k or more Instagram followers for your online business? You’ll need to improve your overall performance in the social media platform’s algorithm.

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has successfully morphed into the social media giant we enjoy today. And although many businesses today use Facebook and Twitter accounts to market their products and services, the numbers have shown that Instagram’s marketing engagement and business turnover rates are considerably higher.

Instagram offers amazing opportunities to its users in terms of brand, businesses, & individual marketing.

You can have the same brand, with similar posts, on each of these popular platforms and you’ll discover that Instagram tends to consistently offer a significant difference in engagement numbers.

While it may have started out as an entertaining distraction this popular social network has become a brand marketing tool that businesses can leverage to reach more people and increase their value.

And although the process of marketing your product successfully in different imaginative ways trough Instagram can be quite exciting – especially when you have a large follower base - the truth is, getting a thousand followers on Instagram can be extremely difficult. Why? Well, it’s simply because nobody is familiar with your brand.

And yes, increasing your followers on the Gram is typically a slow & boring process but there are recommended ways you can use to get free Instagram followers in the shortest possible time.

Keep reading this post for details:

InstructionsHow to Get Free Instagram Followers (2020) 10 Methods Without Survey

In today’s digital marketplace, up & coming brands are largely dependent on their social media presence.

Hence, Instagram likes are still an essential feature of its internal metrics. There are now lots of ways through which influencers or brand account owners can get free Instagram followers, along with more likes and improved consumer engagement.

Below, we’ve described the most legitimate and proven methods you can use to grow your IG followership numbers organically.

1. By Joining the Right Instagram Conversation Groups

There’s always something trending online. You can use relevant hashtags to identify what people are talking about in your particular niche.

You can find IG conversation groups for beauty, travel, fashion, and much more.

And while you might be tempted into joining the biggest engagement groups on the Gram, the truth is you can discover a more specific list of your Instagram targets by sticking to a particular niche.

You will likely find engaging conversations going on that are related to your specific industry.

2. Using Hashtags

Once you have discovered engaging conversation groups, you can proceed to incorporate content from their news feeds into your own IG posts to make them visible to more people.

Since IG users tend to search the platform via popular hashtags, they can easily come across your brand account’s posts and you could wind up getting some free Instagram followers.

Note also, that you can attain a higher level of exposure if you make use of broader, more popular hashtags.

You must also endeavor to use your hashtag posts to make a good impression and that they are engaging enough to start popular conversations. You’ll find that these first impressions are essential to getting real IG followers.

3. Using Photo Captions

Apart from being one of the (if not THE) world’s largest photo-sharing platforms, the Instagram Story feature can also be used to create compelling narratives.

Lots of brand accounts on Instagram are already into posting impactful images together with well-written excerpts from popular magazines to draw people’s attention to their websites.

Naturally, the type of photo caption content you post will depend largely on your audience. You must also ensure that your written captions have been proofread for errors and are equally interesting as the pictures you are posting.

4. By Encouraging Your Followers To Tag Other IG Users

This next approach to get free Instagram followers can be described as a Call to Action (CTA). It is a web marketing concept with a principle that can be applied to Instagram.

A Call to Action will typically involve you asking your audience members to do something. Some basic examples of a Call to Action may include, advertisements asking you to “Contact Us” or “Click Here”.

If your content is engaging and funny, you can leverage further on their captions by asking your followers to tag their friends.

If your posts are appealing, of course, they will be happy to share them. Your CTA can serve as the prompt they need.

The process is also quite straightforward and will only take a few seconds of your time.

Furthermore, it will require minimal effort from your followers.

5. Using The Geotagging Advantage

Geotagging on Instagram refers to the process of adding post locations. When you make an IG post, select the “Add Location” option, and then you can pick your current location from an existing list.

Geotagging your posts will only take a few seconds and it is ideal effective for Instagram business accounts like restaurants, Laundromats, and travel agencies.

The Geotagging advantage is especially handy because people tend to search for IG posts based on specific locations. After all, you will want any potential clients to know exactly where they can find you.

A post that has been Geotagged ranks higher than regular posts on Instagram’s algorithms. Therefore you can get more exposed to IG users who are within that location.

6. By Paying Attention To Instagram’s Analytics

The best way to find out why some IG posts get more traction than others is by using the analytics feature of the social platform.

Different audiences will check their IG feeds at varying times of the day. By paying attention to peak periods before making your next post, you can ensure that most of your followers will be online and paying attention.

7. Using Buzzfeed

That’s right; you can use the Buzzfeed community section to get free Instagram followers.

If you wish to boost your Instagram followership, you must find ways to connect with massive audiences online and the Buzzfeed platform provides an excellent opportunity for embedding your IG posts into their content.

Note, however, that you must adhere to their rules and guidelines to get visibility and establish trust.

8. Using Trendy Memes

Memes are here to stay so you might as well get used to them. Whether you’re on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Reddit, you can expect to see memes all over the internet

And because the latest memes don’t trend for very long, you’ll have to stay current.

By leveraging this modern internet trend, you too can attract a particular group of social media followers that otherwise would not have been interested in your content.

You must however be clever enough to focus on trending topics that are related to your business and run with them.

9. Using a Consistent Style

People are more likely to follow you to find out what your future posts and content will be like rather than because of what you’ve posted in the past.

Perhaps you have a German Shepherd fan page; if you post pictures and videos of the finest German Shepherds every day without fail, other IG users who keep seeing your content will eventually associate your IG account with the latest German Shepherd content.

They will follow your account because they expect to see more of the same.

10. Diversify Your IG Content

Instagram is not all about photos. There are also text, story, and video features you can add to your posts.

Recent stats have indicated that when IG users added stories to their posts, engagement with other types of content declined. However, overall audience engagement remained unchanged. This simply means that active IG users were busy with more interesting posts.

Hence, you should diversify your content instead of limiting yourself to photo posts alone.

You’ll discover that some IG users will watch almost every video they see while others will scroll past video content without watching. Some users love pictures, while others prefer reading text.

By posting an assortment of content types, you ensure that most members of your audience remain engaged, instead of just a small portion of them.

Final Take

That’s it for our discussion on legit ways to get free Instagram followers.

With a little patience, you too can use any of the methods described above to grow your followers to 100k and beyond.