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Approximately 5 billion YouTube videos are watched every day.

It is a brilliant social platform you can use to become an educational resource provider or a renowned industry expert.

Several hundred video hours are uploaded on YouTube every minute.

With that much competition, you’re going to have to think like a bona fide producer and director so you can provide engaging content and grow your audience or subscriber base.

Perhaps you just opened your YouTube account; getting other users to subscribe can be a frustrating task because thriving on this platform is hard!

Luckily, we’re here to show you how to make a breakthrough and establish a robust YouTube subscriber base.

Keep scrolling for the best methods you can apply to get free YouTube subscribers.

InstructionsFree Youtube Subscribers - 11 Legit methods

1. Choose An Appropriate Theme For Your YouTube Channel

So you want to get free YouTube subscribers?! You can start by giving your channel an appropriate theme. It must, of course, be based on the type of video content you wish to create

If you examine the upper interface section of a lot of YouTube channels, you’ll discover that they all have a particular theme.

You can’t expect to command consistent followership if you upload a cooking video one day, a random vlog the next day, and then a gaming video the day after that.

If other users cannot identify with the theme of your YouTube channel, they won’t be motivated to subscribe.

You’ll find lots of YouTube channel theme categories to choose from some of which include travel, comedy, beauty & fashion, tech, gaming, vlogging, etc.

2. Create A Trailer For Your Channel

After you have chosen an appropriate theme for your new YouTube channel, you can then begin to attract your first subscribers by creating a befitting trailer for your channel.

A YouTube channel trailer is basically a short reel highlighting who you are, how your content can be valuable, and why other users should pay attention to what's forthcoming.

You can use it to get free YouTube subscribers by way of building curiosity.

An engaging YouTube channel trailer should be engaging enough to intrigue your audience and make them interested in watching even more.

Of course, you'll want to let them know the type of content you will be providing without giving away too much information

3. Consistent Video Content

It really doesn’t matter whether you’re just getting your YouTube channel started or if you’ve been an active user for a while, posting videos consistently is one of the most reliable ways to accumulate free YouTube subscribers.

It is probably the best approach YouTube account owners can use to develop a long-term, subscriber relationship with their audience.

Note that other users won’t be willing to subscribe to a YouTube channel unless they can see that you are producing regular content.

A robust video collection indicates that you are experienced in your chosen field so they won’t want to miss out on your future video posts.

4. Publish Long (10 Minute +) Videos

Going by recently conducted YouTube ranking studies, longer videos tend to rank higher and outperform shorter videos significantly in YouTube’s search algorithm.

The standard video length for first page rankings on YouTube is 14 mins & 50 secs.

As a result, even smaller YouTube channels can rank higher with longer videos.

Viewer comments also seem to have a strong influence on YouTube video rankings. It has been discovered that a correlation exists between the number of comments a video has and higher rankings.

5. Simplify Your Channel’s Subscription Process

As more people become interested in your YouTube channel’s content, you’ll have to make it easy for them to subscribe to it.

You can include annotations throughout the video enabling visitors to subscribe by simply clicking on a button.

Besides using annotations in your videos, you could also try verbally encouraging your audience to ensure that they subscribe directly to your channel.

This method presents a more personal approach to getting free YouTube subscribers.

6. Post Awesome Videos

Online marketers nowadays seem to have realized the immense potential that YouTube videos have in terms of converting audiences into consumers or long term followers.

If you wish to fully harness this opportunity and get the best results, you must master the art of creating incredible video content for your social media channel.

Once you can create remarkably engaging YouTube content, then most of the work involved with growing your subscriber numbers consistently is already done.

Moreover, your audience will look forward to seeing more top quality posts from you.

Note also that 54 percent of senior executives often take out time to watch and share meaningful work-related YouTube content.

This would undoubtedly be the solid foundation you need to develop and expand your media platform across multiple social networks.

7. Use Attractive Video Thumbnails

This next tip might seem pretty minor but for the fact that most YouTube users tend to judge books (or in this case, videos) by their cover.

Your video thumbnail is the first thing that potential subscribers will notice so it could be used as an advantage to make a good first impression and attract free YouTube subscribers.

To get the best out of your YouTube video thumbnails, you must use eye-catching, quality images that are at least 720 pixels tall by 1280 pixels wide, contrasting colors, and title text.

All this is done so that the audience can see exactly what your videos are about just by looking at their thumbnails.

8. Use Searchable Video Titles

This is a common method you can use to get free YouTube subscribers especially because people tend to use the YouTube search bar to type in keywords and browse for videos they’re interested in watching.

If you want other users who might be interested in watching the content you are sharing to find your videos, you must make it easy for them; hence the need to make and use searchable titles for your videos.

This will involve identifying specific keywords that your target audience might be using for their YouTube search.

Perhaps you’re into creating how-to-sew videos; members of your target audience would likely be searching YouTube with phrases & keywords such as Sewing, Sewing Tips, How to sew, and Sewing tips for beginners.

Including such specific keywords into the titles of your video posts will go a long way with helping other users to discover and possibly subscribe to your content.

9. Lean On YouTube Influencers

That’s right; there are regular Joe’s like you and me who get paid for crafting and posting product endorsing media on social media platforms.

Lots of YouTube users today are influenced to make purchases after watching product endorsing posts on the channel of someone they follow.

The power of social media influencers is undeniable and it can be used to help you gather the free YouTube subscribers you need to boost your followership.

YouTube Influencers who operate within your industry or niche can use their established reputations and audiences to help spread awareness about your brand and channel.

10. Show Personality

Let’s be clear, you won’t get any subscribers if you upload boring content.

Note that while your content must be informative, you still have to think of interesting ways to grab and retain your audience’s attention or they simply won’t be interested in viewing any of your future uploads.

Showing your online personality is a method that is guaranteed to get your audience addicted to your content.

You can’t just talk at the camera in monotone speech as if you memorized a script. You must be animated and show your viewers that you are genuinely excited and passionate about sharing your information.

There are fun ways to educate your viewers on various topics.

You must also be prepared to interact with your audience. Encourage them to ask questions especially while explaining specific pain points.

11. Promote Your YouTube Channel Across Multiple Platforms

You would do well to tap into the potential offered by other social media platforms where you probably have prospective customers looking to follow your brand but might not even be aware of the existence of your YouTube channel.

You should look to promote your YouTube channel the same way you would your blog on Twitter or Facebook.

Rounding Up

Despite the increasing number of subscribers, you too can thrive on YouTube in overwhelming ways.

By applying any of the methods we’ve highlighted above, along with a little hard work and effort, you can reach your targeted audience numbers.