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With over 300 million active monthly users, you simply can’t dismiss Twitter’s online marketing potential.

So clearly, your Twitter follower count is more than just a vanity metric.

Having a sizable audience in today’s digital marketplace can make or break your brand and career opportunities.

Apart from bestowing you with more influence in your niche or industry, a higher social media follower count also indicates that your audience, customers, and leads are paying attention to your content.

Going by recent social media stats, 5 out of 10 online marketers use Twitter as their network of choice for engaging customers.

Moreover, this fast-paced and user-friendly platform offers up some of the most straightforward methods for growing social media followership from scratch.

How would you like to get up to 10,000 free Twitter followers (or more) with legit and optimized strategies?

In this guide, we will describe proven methods that Twitter account users can use to boost their visibility and grow their follower base. Enjoy reading!

InstructionsFree Twitter Followers - 10 Methods

1. Revamp Your Twitter Account Profile

You can start by updating and optimizing your profile on Twitter.

If you’re looking to grow free twitter followers, you must ensure that your Twitter profile rocks.

Thanks to the latest design updates on the social platform, you can customize certain features on your Twitter account.

For example, user profile photos on Twitter are now in circles instead of the square images that appear in tweets.

Although most of these changes are cosmetic, not having an up-to-date and professional Twitter profile could turn out to be a red flag to potential followers.

Also, you'll want to use an appropriate profile photo for your brand, service, or business.

2. Tweet Consistently

Twitter tends to require a more aggressive approach to content strategy than Facebook or Instagram.

When other Twitter users visit your profile, only to discover that you’ve made just 2 tweets in the past 4 months, they won't be motivated to follow you, particularly because they’re not likely to be missing out on anything big there.

To maximize engagement, you’ll have to tweet between 3 to 7 times per day.

And because of how quickly the Twitter post feed moves, some brands already have to tweet between 15 to 20 times per day just to remain visible even if it means supplementing them with one or two retweets.

3. Share Visual Content

Images and videos are paramount content sharing methods across social media channels – including Twitter.

Sharing visual components along with your Tweets is an awesome way to drive more engagement while distinguishing your content from others.

4. Well-Timed Tweets

Sending out tweets while members of your audience are likely to be asleep certainly won’t help you with getting free Twitter followers.

Tweeting during peak posting periods can impact positively on your reach and will increase your chances of connecting with new audiences.

But because different account users and audiences view their profiles and news feeds at varying times, the peak activity times will likely vary for different brands.

However, recent social media research has shown that 3 pm standard time on weekends is the ideal period for posting on Twitter.

Still, you must observe those time frames during which your audience members seem to respond the most.

5. Hashtags Will Help You Connect With Larger Audiences

Using high-visibility tweets with hashtags will double your engagement numbers when compared to regular tweets without any hashtags.

With the right Twitter hashtags, you too can influence public conversations and air your opinion on wide-ranging topics.

Moreover, hashtags will provide you with an expanded reach along with the opportunity to engage new audiences.

6. Post Valuable & Relevant Content

Social media platforms nowadays have evolved from being mere online distractions into profitable marketing channels and Twitter is no exception.

The ability to create and offer value is a solid social media marketing strategy on Twitter.

You’ll quickly discover that more and more people will look to follow and engage you if they can learn & benefit from your posts.

Note, however, that sharing valuable content goes beyond just posting infographics and links to other blog posts.

You must always endeavor to include summaries explaining the value your content is providing for your audience.

7. Follow & Engage Twitter Influencers

One of the best ways to get free Twitter followers is by first finding key industry influencers and then developing an organic & authentic relationship with them.

You can share their tweets and ask them questions in the comments section. You may even choose to engage them in private Twitter chats from time to time.

There’s always a possibility that your authentic and engaging comments might catch the attention of some of their followers.

8. Tag, Retweet & Reply

The process of getting free Twitter followers does not have to be time-consuming. You can get the desired results by simply putting your time spent on the platform to more effective uses.

You must perfect the art of tagging, replying, and retweeting if you wish to engage more potential followers.

But you must also take care not to allow your Twitter profile to look like its being managed by bots.

You'll need to schedule time to engage your audience regularly by tagging, replying, and retweeting in real-time to let other users know that you are indeed human which will in turn attract more attention to your service or brand.

9. Find And Follow Other Twitter Users Within Your Network

This is yet another brilliant and straightforward method you can use to get free Twitter followers while also making your profile more visible to other account users on Twitter’s search algorithm.

By syncing your phone’s private contact list with your Twitter account, you can proceed to discover an existing network of friends and associates who are already familiar with your brand and will most likely follow you.

However, if you’re worried about the risks associated with uploading your private list of contacts to online social platforms, this approach is not for you.

10. Monitoring Twitter’s Analytics

If you’re determined to benefit consistently from long-term Twitter followership gains you’ll have to develop your strategy constantly.

This will involve you taking a closer look at the social platform’s analytics so you can better understand how to track your success.

Fortunately, we now have social scheduling software available that can monitor peak periods and queue up content so you don’t have to do the monitoring by yourself. This will effectively enable you to attract free Twitter followers round the clock.

The Takeaway

Getting other people to follow you on Twitter does not happen by accident. It is the result of a series of planned processes directed at engaging other account users.

By implementing any of the methods we’ve described above, you too can get to grow large Twitter numbers organically.