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Basic 10% Total Headshot Damage reduction
Rare 20% Total Headshot Damage reduction
Epic 25% Total Headshot Damage reduction
Legendary 25% Total Headshot Damage reduction.

Reduces Tactical and Ultimate Ability cooldowns.
Body Shield

Body Shield

Basic Absorbs 50 Damage
Rare Absorbs 75 Damage
Epic Absorbs 100 Damage
Legendary 6 Extra inventory slots.

Healing and Shielding consumables take half the time to use.
Knockdown Shield

Knockdown Shield

Basic Blocks 100 Damage
Rare Blocks 250 Damage
Epic Blocks 750 Damage
Legendary Blocks 750 Damage.

Self-Resurrect when downed (1 time use).

Self-revive takes 12 seconds to use.


Basic 2 Extra Inventory Slots
Rare 4 Extra Inventory Slots
Epic 6 Extra Inventory Slots
Legendary Revive downed teammates with bonus health and shields (if they have armor).